01. The English Language Program has really [expanded] over the last few years, from just 45 students to over 300.
02. Scientists now say that the continued [expansion] of the universe will not last forever, and that the universe will actually someday start to shrink.
03. Metal will [expand] when exposed to heat.
04. He has been able to [expand] his business through advertising on the Internet.
05. The water pipes [expanded], and then burst under the pressure.
06. He studied a number of different languages in order to [expand] his knowledge of linguistics.
07. The rapid [expansion] of e-commerce has radically changed the world of retail sales.
08. Travelling to other countries is a good way to [expand] your knowledge of other cultures, and ways of thinking.
09. A famous rocket scientist once observed that we have no rational alternative but to [expand] the environmental and resource base beyond Earth.
10. Jellyfish move by [expanding] and then contracting their bodies, which forces out water, and moves them forward.
11. All evidence suggests that we live in an [expanding] universe.
12. Human speech is a vast qualitative [expansion] over animal communication systems.
13. With the human population [expanding] into tiger territory, farmers' cows sometimes become a tiger meal.
14. During pregnancy, a woman's uterus [expands] to 500 times its normal size.
15. Our company is aggressively [expanding] into the U.S. and Europe.
16. The Japanese moved into Hakodate Port on Hokkaido in 1854 to counter Russian [expansion] in the area.
17. Whereas most substances shrink when they are cooled, water actually [expands].
18. It is clear that the medical use of lasers will be [expanded] in the future.
19. In 1929, Edwin Hubble proposed that galaxies are rushing apart in what must be an [expanding] universe.
20. The muscles of the body contract when being used, and [expand] when resting.
21. Great Britain's constant wars with France [expanded] the British Empire all over the globe.
22. Our universe [expands] by a billion miles in all directions every hour.
23. The [expansionism] of the great empires throughout history has generally led to the destruction of local cultures.
24. The schoolyard includes an [expansive] play area, with different sections for children of different ages.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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